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                                                   WATER FEATURES

Nothing will have as much effect on your yard as a water feature, and John Darrow designs one-of-a-kind features for
both residential and commercial properties.  A water feature may stand alone as a centerpiece or be incorporated
within your gardens.  It can be a part of a new landscape design or added to your existing landscape.  There are
a variety of water features available including a stunning waterfall, beautiful pond, bubbler rocks, peaceful stream or a lovely fountain. Whichever you choose, a water feature enhances the overall aesthetics of your property and makes
your yard more noticeable by adding dramatic style and grace. Water in whatever form, gently flowing or standing
still, adds a sense of peace and tranquility. It is not only relaxing to view, but it adds value to your property. 
Adding a waterfall, whether it be on commercial or residential property, is a spectacular way to enhance any site. The use
of natural rocks and stones is highly recommended since they not only allow the imitation of a natural waterfall but are
made of natural, durable materials that you will be able to enjoy for years with very little maintenance. John Darrow is the
professional landscape designer who can give you your own unique waterfall design.  
You will want to hire a trained professional contractor who specializes in the installation of landscape water features. 
And that is where Cascade Landscape & Design, Inc. comes into the picture because you will want a John Darrow
signature water feature. Just ask some of his previous clients. They’ll agree.  


Ponds and Streams

Popular for both commercial and residential properties, ponds and streams completely renovate your landscape by creating a dreamlike, calming effect. In addition to increasing the value of your property, they have therapeutic qualities as well. 


 For a more striking water feature, consider having a fountain installed into your landscape. Fountains are decorative and
often include a statute or sculpture which are widely available. Fountains make fabulous focal points for the entrance to
your yard and can be positioned in any outdoor area where you would like to include the awe-inspiring sights and sounds
of water.


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