Night Lights & Fire Pits -- It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That!

Especially if they are custom-built by John Darrow.

Outdoor living at its finest.

We install outdoor lighting that improves your property's aesthetics and offers extra security while spotlighting architectural highlights of your home or business and providing attractive, practical lighting for your walkways.  Our outdoor lighting highlights the trees, shrubs, walkways and driveway on your property while adding a layer of security.

Whether your home is a place for quiet reflection and relaxation or a spot to gather with family and friends, the beauty of your home deserves to be illuminated day and night.  By utilizing professional lighting of trees, shrubs, walkways, driveways and other areas on your property, you can proudly display the highlights of your home or business while also adding an extra layer of security to otherwise darkened portions of your property.

Our customers can take advantage of how the professional outdoor lighting we install can enhance the beauty and value of their home or business for years to come.


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